The Libyan Foreign Investment Company

LAFICO is one of the contributions of the Libyan Foreign Investment Company “Lafico Libya” in 1989 As a hidden-name company with a stable capital, according to the agreement concluded between the Tunisian Ministry of Finance on the one hand, and the Libyan Foreign Investments Company ” Lafico ” and the Tunisian Libyan Bank on the other hand. It is subjected according Tunisian laws, the Commercial Companies Code, and the laws that complement and amend it, and its current capital is 40 million dollars. It contributes to a number of industrial, tourism, real estate, commercial and service companies.

Our identity

An investment company that aims to contribute to economic development and create promising investments to consolidate and develop joint Tunisian-Libyan cooperation.

Our Vision

Establishing joint ventures on sound economic foundations and effective participation with investment agencies to diversify the company's activities and developing our resources and achieving our goals. Diversifying the company's investment activities, developing its existing assets and investments, and creating new investments in the most vital sectors.

Our Values

Achieving excellence in all our activities through a distinguished reputation, credibility, trust, fruitful cooperation and maximizing investment.

Our Team

Our team is distinguished by experience and efficiency in managing assets and seizing investment opportunities in various economic sectors and enjoys close relations with all investment agencies.


Our objectives

The company’s objectives are to manage a portfolio of movable values and to carry out all aspects of the activity that it deems to achieve all or some of its objectives or develop its resources and in particular:
Establishment and total or partial ownership of projects related to the company's goals and objectives in all economic sectors.
Buying and selling stocks and bonds that contribute to achieving the company's objectives.
Performing all legal actions regarding the property and rights LAFICO owns.
Doing any other work to ensure the achievement of its objective.


The company's capital

The company's capital Chart of development during the period (1989-2019)